1. Why are there no special rules and eligibility requirements for this vratham?

Dhanurmasa vratham is performed to help us realise the relationship with God. Godis the ever-lasting saviour.We share a natural eternal bond with God. So, if one wants to go back to our natural state with that Supreme power, we only need to get rid of some unnatural characteristics that what we have acquired and imparted within ourselves from the past. Therefore, there are no special rules and eligibility requirements, just know what you actually are in the true natural state and be righteous, that’s all.

2. What do we do after the morning prayer of chanting the 30 songs from Thiruppavai?

After we chant the 30 songs, we implement the essence of the songs in everything we do. We carry on with our regular duties, but now with an enlightened mind on what those duties mean to us and what the people whom we work with mean to us, what our end goal is etc. It’s analogues to starting your car in the morning and then actually driving it to experience it. If you just do the Morning Prayer and never really carry the meaning and intent of the vratham throughout the day, it is equivalent to starting your car in the morning and not actually driving it.

3. How do people performing this vratham carry on their lives?

Characteristics of people who understand this vratham are:

  1. Always wish for the glory of God to grow in the hearts of everyone because his great qualities that can protect us, love us and care for us in everyway
  2. Always wish for the well-being of everyone
  3. Begin their day singing in praise of God
  4. Live on only needs, and not be greedy
  5. Do not spread rumours or talk against anyone unnecessarily
  6. Talk only when asked for to an extent that is necessary
  7. Follow all principles defined by elders for the betterment of life
  8. Do not talk anything that hurts others
  9. Be benevolent and support them on need to the maximum extent they can
  10. Not wish for anything additional than what is necessary
  11. Do not boast on any of the work they do; they consider it an opportunity to aid/support because everything is given by God to serve one another rather than just for oneself

4. What if I cannot follow all the principles as listed in question 3? Can I still perform the vratham?

It is important to note that the performers of this vratham are not following the principles as mandatory rules, instead their behaviourisa natural outcome driven by Love for God. Therefore, you can happily do everything that is possible.Check whether you are able to do anything additional. If so, continue to add and increment until you feel something is beyond your limits.

5. What is the mind-set of the people like who are performing this vratham?

The people who are performing this vratham have their mind completely filled with the thought of uniting with God. It is filled with joy of serving God through every activity they do. They perform any activity out of love. They refrain from non-recommended activities out of love for God, not fear of God. Anything they do and anything they don’t do are all with complete acceptance and nothing out of fear or pressure.

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