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“ve:da sabde:bhya e:va:dow de:va:di:na:m chaka:ra saha” –Manu

“The whole Universe emanated from Him, the Originator, through the power of Vedic Sounds only”,  said  Manu

Vedas are a mass of divine sounds that created this Universe. They are the great treasures of knowledge responsible for sustenance of the Universe. They alone can reveal the mysterious truths of this Universe. Millions of years ago, sages received these sounds from a Divine Source and transmitted them flawlessly to generation after generation. Vedas teach humans to live in tune with Nature without abusing her and thus lead a healthy and happy earthly life and attain Heavenly Abode.

Devathas are the natural forces responsible for the survival of the beings. Devathas respond to the tune of the Nature. We call the tune manthras. So if we chant the manthras properly, the energies of the nature will respond to us and fulfill our desires, no matter whatever they are. Vedas are compilations of such manthras in millions, to cater the billions of desires of the living souls.

  • Veda has different names. “apourushe:ya:s” –  apocalyptic, not written by any one just like the sound of the Sea and the Space,
  • “sruthi” – originally heard by the great seers, in the state of greater trance, samadhi, so it is flawless. “a:mna:ya” – chanted throughout the life, repeated as life mission to reproduce it flawlessly.
  • “ve:da”  – that which reveals the mysteries of the cosmos and makes one prosperous in all respects. “sa:sthram” –  it dictates the way of living for everyone.
  • Thus it is considered as “swathah prama:na” – self authoritative and self authentic.

It is said that all the languages derived from vedic literature only, yet, Vedic sounds are above all the languages, for , it is the Sound that makes the whole Veda supreme, but not the language and hence all the interpretations in all the languages might explain only an iota of the whole, and were invariably incapable to give the exact interpretation of the Vedic sounds. Also these interpretations are prone to several changes from time to time.

But, Vedic Sounds, the formation of the Manthras and the a:nupu:rvi, ie., the structure of the whole Veda is unchangeable since time immemorial. So it is called ” Nithyam” eternal. Such Vedic mass has been divided into 4 main streams by the great Vedic Seer Veda Vyasa Badarayana probably 7000 years ago and named them after Rug Ve:da, Yajurve:da, Sa:ma Ve:da and Adharva Ve:da. Four of his disciples Pyla, Vysampa:yana, Jaimini and Sumanthra respectively, further divided these 1131 branches for safe preservation. This exercise was done keeping in view the drastic exponential degradation of human memory. Inspite of all this we are so unfortunate to loose 99% of the whole Vedic Knowledge and have only 12 branches with us.