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A Missing step in Water Cycle!?

By the time we complete class 10, we would study about ‘Water Cycle’. The cycle talks about how ocean water evaporates, condenses and then precipitates. Sun is essential for evaporating the water. The evaporated water condenses to form rain bearing clouds. These clouds send the water back to the ground in the form of Source: [...]

A Missing step in Water Cycle!?2019-06-18T08:18:53+00:00

Stone versus Deity – A must read!

If God exists everywhere including in a stone, why do we pray only to a Deity in temples? Every year lakhs of people visit temples such as Ranganatha temple in Sri Rangam, or Balaji temple in Tirupati, or Divya Saketham in Hyderabad or other temples with an intention to see God. There are also Source: [...]

Stone versus Deity – A must read!2019-06-15T11:17:57+00:00

Lakshman’s success with Indrajith, the secret revealed!

It was the third day in the fight between Lakshman (brother of Rama) and Indrajith (son of Ravana). Lakshman tried to defeat Indrajith using different types of weaponry. All his efforts were futile. He then closed his eyes and chanted the following: ధర్మాత్మా సత్యసంధస్చ రామో దాశరథిర్యది పౌరుషేచా ప్రతిద్వంద్వ: శరైనమ్ జహి Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

Lakshman’s success with Indrajith, the secret revealed!2019-06-12T08:29:23+00:00

The Secret Sauce for bringing up a Successful Child

We see a lot of news reports of parents going on strike to reduce the sky-rocketing school fees. The average fee parents have to shell out for their ward is no less than 1 lakh these days. While some go on strike, the rest don’t have qualms shelling out lakhs of money, expecting a Source: [...]

The Secret Sauce for bringing up a Successful Child2019-06-12T07:33:02+00:00

Temples encompass Spiritual Science

Bharath is a country known for many beautifully architected temples. What is the science behind these temples? Are they meant to feed priests, as some non-believers state? Is temple a structure for community gatherings that encourages a moral and ethical base? Is temple a structure that shows God’s miniature form to everyone? What is Source: [...]

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What did Adi Shankaracharya say about Sri Rangam?

ఇదం హి రంగం, త్యజతా మిహాంగం పునర్నచాంగం యది చాంగమేతి పాణౌ రథాంగం, యానే విహంగం శయనే భుజంగం, చరణే అంబుగాంగం Listen Sloka : Sri Rangam, this is the place for the most supreme wealth! Supreme wealth is that which does not deteriorate but only enhances one’s joy when experienced. This wealth lies in God’s Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

What did Adi Shankaracharya say about Sri Rangam?2019-06-03T06:39:57+00:00

Vote for Hanuman’s way to life

Hanuman’s life mirrors the path to success. It carries the ultimate recipe of all the right ingredients to cook up a life we sought out in our own nutshell of life. As a child, He showcased a treasure trove of energy when he skied up to sun to swallow its substance. Such was his Source: [...]

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