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A Special Shore for the Soul

Beaches are beautiful vacation spots. Very few of them are picturesque and unbelievably scenic giving the warmth of a heaven to the body. Sometimes, no matter where you go for a vacation your heart may feel incomplete. That is when you need right vacation spot for yourself, the soul. Where are such shores for Source: [...]

A Special Shore for the Soul2019-09-22T05:07:39+00:00

Cholesterol and Karma

Atherosclerosis is a condition where walls of arteries have deposits of cholesterol. This blocks the flow of blood and causes chest pain. This also increases the risk of heart attack. Therefore, doctors recommend that we keep the cholesterol level under regular check. This is how our jnana also gets blocked because of karma. Let's see Source: [...]

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Yoganidra, the Majestic Meditation

Scriptures state that God lies down on Adisesha (the majestic serpent) and remains in Yoganidra (a deep meditative state) for a certain period of time at regular intervals. What is the significance of Adisesha? And more interestingly, what does God meditate on? Significance of Adisesha When Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

Yoganidra, the Majestic Meditation2019-09-14T13:39:02+00:00

What does Srimad Bhagavatam say about Teachers?

When you really want to learn, then the entire world becomes your teacher. If that is the case, then what is the necessity of a teacher in specific? Can we skip schools, or forget about a guru of spiritual sciences? :) No, because it is them who give you the wisdom you need to Source: [...]

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The Splendid Seven

Do you know that Krishna had to take up a challenge in order to marry Najnajithi? She was the daughter of Kumbha and Darmada. Kumbha was Yashoda’s brother. (Najnajithi was later referred to as Neela Devi in our scriptures.). One day, He saw her smile and fell in love. He decided to simply take Source: [...]

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Overcome the Hurdles in your Life Journey

Laziness or lack of enough determination to achieve a task is the most common first hurdle. This hurdle is in your mind. It is therefore classified as a hurdle at ‘mental’ level. Sometimes, your body may not co-operate with the task you want to achieve. This is a hurdle at ‘physical’ level. Perhaps, you Source: [...]

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