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Alwars and Annamacharya

Mother sings a lullaby to comfort her child. Does the mother learn music to get qualified for it? Not really. When the heart is filled with love for the child, it pours out automatically and takes the form of a rhythm soothing the child. An outpouring of the loving heart results in several modes Source: [...]

Alwars and Annamacharya2023-12-02T15:44:28+00:00

The most auspicious of all…

There are many activities and materials in the world that clean and clear different kinds of dirt at different levels. When one takes a bath, the surface of the body gets cleaned, at least to an extent. When one does physical exercise, the ‘dirt’ in muscles gets cleaned. When one performs pra:na:ya:ma, the ‘dirt’ Source: [...]

The most auspicious of all…2023-11-26T15:45:00+00:00