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Rama’s 11000 years of Upasana

Sage Valmiki did not say Rama ruled the kingdom for 11,000 years, he said that Rama performed upa:sana on the ra:jya, the kingdom. dasavarsha sahasra:ni dasa varsha satha:nicha ra:mo: ra:jyam upa:sithva: Upa:sana is the continuous stream of thoughts leading to actions driven out of love for someone with the sole objective Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

Rama’s 11000 years of Upasana2023-03-30T14:59:24+00:00

Happy Ugadi, Sobhakruth New Year

Time is powerful. It is not influenced by or affected by anyone or anything. Veda refers to Time as one of the the three divine forms of God. It is called satthva sunya. The other two divine forms of God are prakruti, Nature and nitya vibhu:thi, the eternal abode of Lord. Veda states that Source: [...]

Happy Ugadi, Sobhakruth New Year2023-03-22T14:23:21+00:00

Mukthinath Yatra 2023

A group of devotees said, 'As we watched the snowfall when going up the steps of Mukthinath temple, it felt like Nature was in joy to welcome Swamiji and showered jasmine flowers in the form of snow. It was beautiful and divine. The snowfall was not too heavy allowing everyone to witness the beauty Source: [...]

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Unrestricted access to Lord Vishnu

Vishwaksena is one of the key players in the parivar, the ‘family’ of Lord Vishnu. He has unrestricted access to Lord Vishnu, a unique privilege. He does not speak much. He goes to Lord Vishnu with a statement. Lord Vishnu nods His head approving it without a question. With sasivarna, complexion of cream, Vishwaksena Source: [...]

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