Modernization in the current era has resulted in people distancing themselves from following ethical values, culture and traditions. People take pride in following western culture and thus age old learning and practices are lost.

As a result, Vedas are being forgotten. Parents are not interested to join their children in Vedic Schools to pursue Vedic education. The main reasons being the fear of decreased career avenues after completion of education and leading a traditional way of lifestyle. Also, parents who join their children are interested only in them making quick money. Many students leave the school in the middle of the course due to family circumstances or in greed of earning money with the knowledge they gained.


Many initiatives were taken to encourage students to join the Vedic schools.

  • Students are coached in regular schooling subjects in addition to Vedic learning so that students graduate high school and under graduate. By the time they complete Vedic Education, they graduate Bachelors Degree also.
  • Vedic students are trained in computers, art, singing, dancing, cooking, teaching, volunteering, leadership skills, debate and communication skills.
  • A remuneration is gifted to them after the completion of their education.
  • Graduates are shown placements in India and foreign countries to pursue their career.
vadic students activities