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Only 12 out of 1131 branches exist today!!

Vedas are a mass of divine sounds that created this Universe. They are great treasures of knowledge responsible for sustenance of this Universe. Out of 1131 branches only 12 branches are available today and the remaining are lost. You can be part of saving the remaining treasure by studying Vedas or supporting one who is studying Vedas or help in preserving by printing the manuscripts.

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Our Vedic Schools – Foundation for the Future 






In1984 established
  • Started with 70 students
  • Upto 2000 students studied
  • Currently teaching Pancharathra Agama and Prabandham


  • Started with 50 students
  • 171 students studying
  • Teaching Vedam, Vedantham, Pancharathra Agama and Prabandham


  • Started with 25 students
  • 10 completed and 26 studying
  • Teaching Sukla Yajurveda, Pancharathra Agama and Smarttham


  • Started with 8 students
  • 15 students studying
  • Teaching very rare branch called Maithrayini Veda and  Agama


Our Vedic Schools provide a holistic curriculum for all round development of the students in today’s digital universe.

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Playing Games

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Faith and Service

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Our Students Achievements – A Glimpse

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Receiving Gold Medal in Vedic Exams conducted by TTD

All-Round Achiever prize

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Receiving Gold Medal in Vedic Exams conducted by TTD

These are the best vedic schools I have ever seen.

I have seen various Vedic schools but the schools run by HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji are unique. The curriculum encompasses not only Vedic studies but also regular academic studies and sports. The students’ personality development is 360 degrees.  I am amazed!
– Allaki Sarma, USA

I love our scriptures. But unfortunately, I did not get a chance to learn the slokas and prabandhas when I was young. After marriage, I wanted to join my only son in JIVA gurukulam. Fortunate enough, my husband too agreed. My son Vamsi is studying since three years. We feel very proud seeing him in Vedic attire chanting the tough slokas with ease and learning the traditions.
Sitamma, Parent
I am a Math teacher. I have been teaching Vedic students and feel very privileged to get this opportunity. Teaching these students is a unique experience. They can memorize multiplication tables in no time. They can solve problems easily. They are very sharp and have excellent problem solving skills.
Janaka Raj, Math Teacher
Let me say something. All these days I thought Vedic students have limited external knowledge. But today in the competition I realized that you have amazing skills and are all rounders. Infact, you excel the normal school going students. Kudos to you all and your teachers who are helping you in this regard. I give 5 stars for your efforts, zeal and participation If I could I would have given 10 stars for your performance.
K.Suman, Judge, Inter School Competitions
I listened to the Sama Vedic chants sung by a very young boy. It was mind blowing. He was singing the Vedic chants – the most complicated manthras with such ease. Amazing breath control was displayed. I sponsored Rs 10,000 to support that student’s education for one year. I feel very proud for being able to do something for our tradition.
Venkatamma, Vijayawada
I joined the Vedic school run by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji when I was 8 years old. Since then, I have been in the school – before as a student and now as a Guru. It is because of great samkalpam of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji that many of us studied Vedas. My siblings are settled in other professions. But my parents feel proud seeing me as a keeper and protector of Vedic knowledge. Everyone should educate one of their kids in Vedas, thus protecting the lineage handed over to us by our rushis.
Govardhanacharyulu, Yajur Veda Teacher

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