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Jagannath, The Charioteer

Kato:panishad uses a metaphor ratha, chariot for human body. If the body is a chariot, who is traveling in it? Who is its charioteer? What kind of horses does this body chariot have? What are the reins of its horses? What kind of wheels does it have? What path does this chariot take? Source: JIVA Shamshabad [...]

Jagannath, The Charioteer2022-07-04T12:17:01+00:00

I Don’t Know…

One person woke up, got ready, and began to step outside the house. His neighbour asked him where he was going and he said, ‘I don’t know'. He walks off not knowing where he was going. If you were his friend and heard his answer, wouldn’t you be worried for him? Wouldn’t you try Source: [...]

I Don’t Know…2022-07-01T13:59:32+00:00

Badrinath – Deva Bhumi, Veda Bhumi and Manthra Bhumi

Back in 1954 when the commute to Badrinath hills was harder than one can imagine and when weather was much more colder for commoners, HH Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji traveled along with 300 priests and devotees to conduct a 48 day-chanting of 10 crore maha:manthra japa with 1 crore havana to enlighten everyone about Source: [...]

Badrinath – Deva Bhumi, Veda Bhumi and Manthra Bhumi2022-06-24T06:50:21+00:00

The Trees in Ayodhya…

When one is away from a loved one and unable to tolerate separation, one becomes weak and look pale. When the loved one returns, the lost glow comes back. This is ‘natural’ for humans. However, have you ever seen a tree feel such emotion? It is described in Srimad Ramayanam how trees and rivers Source: [...]

The Trees in Ayodhya…2022-06-20T15:11:36+00:00