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A Mother’s Request

Two days ago, I visited Guntur along with husband and children to attend Goda Kalyanam organised under the presence of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji by Chairman of Crane Group of Industries, Grandhi Subbarao ji. As I was waiting for the event to begin, a lady (about 65 years old, and probably illiterate) patted me Source: [...]

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Life After Death

For centuries together doctors, scientists, philosophers have been fascinated about life after death. As part of some experiments conducted by research labs across the top universities and research centres around the world, volunteers recorded what near-death experience, or an out-of-body experience would feel like. There were records of people who actually went through a Source: [...]

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Lightning in the Sky and Life in a Body

Nammalwar says, "lightning in the sky is better than the body in this life!" (minnin nilayila mannuir aakkila...) Natural and immediate questions would be, "In what way is lightning better than body?", "Isn't span of lightning much shorter compared to the span of life in this body, how can lightning be better than body?" Source: JIVA [...]

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The Predawn of Vaikunta Ekadasi

Devotees throng to have a darsan of Lord early in the morning at every temple across the world on Vaikunta Ekadasi. It is in fact said that one can arrange a north entrance for the puja mandir of the deity at one’s own home and walk through the entrance along with the deity to Source: [...]

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Suprabhatham Composer, P.B. Annan’s Letter about Jeeyar Swami

Venkateswara Suprabhatham was composed by the revered, Prativadi Bhayankara Annan Swami (P.B.Annan), a disciple of the celebrated vaishnava preceptor, Manavala Mamuni. It is sung and played in the hearts of lakhs of people all across the world. It is the foremost seva offered to Lord Venkateswara in the hills of Tirumala. P.B.Annan Swami wrote a Source: [...]

Suprabhatham Composer, P.B. Annan’s Letter about Jeeyar Swami2020-01-08T03:58:49+00:00

Don’t Leave Your Dreams

Each one of us dream of something, big or small. These dreams/goals drive our lives. They fall into four categories. First category is physical or material gain for quenching the thirst of your body, needs of family and sorroundings. Second category is to raise above human plane for super powers. Third category is to attain Source: [...]

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