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Zero or Hero

Everyone dreams of becoming a successful “hero” in one’s own field of interest! A sense of completeness is achieved when dreams are fulfilled. Feeling complete/full in all aspects is called pu:rnam. God is pu:rnam because He is complete in every aspect. His dream is this entire existence! Vedas say that He dreamt of creating this existence, "so: Source: [...]

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The Return of Sri Ramachandra

 Sri Krushna says in Bhagavad Gita, kaunthe:ya! prathija:ni:hi na me: bhakthah pranasyathi || Son of Kunthi (Arjuna!), declare boldly that a devotee of mine will never fail. Why did Sri Krushna ask Arjuna to declare it? Why didn't He declare the statement Himself? God puts His Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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Dhanvanthari Jayanthi

When can we declare that society is flourishing? Is it when the number of super-specialty hospitals increases or when the number of healthier people increases? As much as we need doctors to support us during inevitable situations, we also need right knowledge to stay away from health hazards that Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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Yaksha Prashna, the famous historic questionnaire

Interviews! Most people face an interview of some kind during their lifetime. Some interviewers are famous for creative and hard-to-crack questions. Yudhishtara also faced an “interview” containing about 125 questions from Dharmaraja and his answers were on the top-notch, unbeatable! The interview is so famous that it made history called Yaksha Prashna in the Source: [...]

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The Power of Righteous Living

Are the divine, celestial beings such as Indra, Brahma, Rudra, and Agni superior to human beings? Not really! They may have extra powers because they are empowered by God to carry out certain duties and responsibilities. In addition, we must all respect them because of how well they exercise their responsibilities. However, all beings Source: [...]

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Amma and Amla

Are you wondering what is the relationship between amma (the divine mother Maha Lakshmi) and amla (Indian gooseberry)? Before trying to answer that question, have you ever tasted plain water after having a bite of amla? If so, you must have noticed that water tastes sweet after having amla. Amla's association with water Source: JIVA [...]

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