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Swamiji visits Thirumala Sri Srinivasa

The aim of any government body is to facilitate the basic needs of people, provide security and aid in the holistic growth of society. Ultimately, the government must not allow anyone or anything to hinder the overall well-being of the entire ecosystem. It should strive to achieve this by implementing appropriate policies as well Source: [...]

Swamiji visits Thirumala Sri Srinivasa2021-02-26T15:30:59+00:00

The Fire and The Flowers

Both fire and flowers are used extensively in temples. There are two primary events utilizing them in Lord’s service:  ho:mam and va:hana se:va. The role of fire in Ho:mam Ho:mam is the process of serving God through agni, fire. Priests collect various elements symbolizing earthly possessions. Relevant Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

The Fire and The Flowers2021-02-22T14:00:39+00:00

Ratha Sapthami, Rediscover Eternal Wisdom

Wisdom is perception at the core level of understanding. It can be about the Sun, a plant, or a neighbour. A child looks at a plant for its fruits and flowers A farmer looks at the same for insects and worms so he can treat it appropriately A biologist looks at the Source: JIVA Shamshabad [...]

Ratha Sapthami, Rediscover Eternal Wisdom2021-02-20T14:07:55+00:00

The Way of the Wise

An 82-year-old, highly esteemed scholar was in Sri Rangam along with our Peddha Jeeyar Swamiji. This scholar was a pioneer, an inspirer, and a pathfinder for countless people in all walks of life. The scholar stepped out with books in hand during the hot, summer afternoon in South India. He had several health issues, Source: [...]

The Way of the Wise2021-02-17T13:44:30+00:00

Swamiji’s First Assignment

School reunions and college reunions are beautiful means to relive the past. Getting in touch with old friends is rejuvenating. Getting in touch with inspiring teachers strengthens one’s purpose in life. Try to recollect your first assignment from the most influential teacher in your student life. Nurture your strength and abilities with the blessing Source: [...]

Swamiji’s First Assignment2021-02-01T06:45:21+00:00