JIVA, Sriramnagar

Jeeyar Integrated Vedic Academy (JIVA)  Gurukulam  mission is to provide the essence of Vedic knowledge to the interested people irrespective of nationality, religion, caste or race. JIVA Gurukulam started its first Foundation Course on the occasion of centenary celebrations of HH Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji in June 2nd, 2009 in the premises of Sri Ramanagar, Samshabad.

Children in the age group of 8 yrs to14 yrs are enrolled  in this school.  JIVA Gurukulam  provides free food, clothing, education, excursions and other academic activities.

Ve:da, A:gama, Ve:dantham, Prabandham, Telugu, Sanskrit subjects are taught to the students here in addition to regular state school syllabus from 6th grade to 10th  grade. Currently there are 67 students in the campus.676+  Students pursuing academics till 2019

Students from all communities are trained to lead righteous practices according to Vedic scriptures in Gurukulam.One who masters these basic subjects will be bestowed with vedic knowledge too. Based on students’ interest and eligibility they will be further encouraged to master a particular part of Veda.

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JIVA Sriramnagaram,
Muchintal Road, Palmakol P.O,Samshabad,
HYDERABAD – 509325 Telangana, India.

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+91 9553549971
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Email: [email protected]

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