Quick fact: A Kali Yuga is 4,32,000 years. In the current Kali Yuga, we are in 5,118th year. Goda Devi appeared to Vishnu Chittha (who raised her) in a thulasi garden in the 98th year of this Kali Yuga. She was only about 8 years old when she sung 30 beautiful songs imagining herself as a gopika in Krushna’s time. The strength of her imagination was extraordinarily intense because her wish to be with God was that extreme. This intense love made her CONNECT EVERYTHING around her to God.

Blue clouds and Peacocks – In her imagination, she speaks to a gopika (a girl who belongs to the family of cowherds) about how a peacock responds to the appearance of a blue cloud which is about to bring rains. She compares that gopika to the peacock and God’s name to the appearance of blue cloud. Just imagine a peacock, blue clouds and the dance of the peacock. She tells us that an Acharya (or a devotee) feels that kind of extreme joy in the company of God’s name.

What a beautiful way of communicating how a devotee responds to God’s qualities. For such devotees, God is the only support and they are just like a climber plant shining in golden colour with all the glory of that support. They are able to shower the entire essence of Vedas and the Veda:nga:s (branches) with so much ease. With their wise words, they kill the inner enemies of us because their love for us do not want to see us victimised by those enemies.

They are great Karma Yogi:s, i.e. they show how to carry on with duties while not letting their heart go away from God. This is so natural to them because they see God in the duty that they perform.

If we follow such great Acharya:s, our perspective towards doing our duties becomes cleaner and aids us in attaining state of uninterrupted joy.

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Source: JIVA Shamshabad News