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Ayurveda Doctor, Freedom fighter, Social Reformer, Vedic Scholar and many more…– Sri Pedha Jeeyar Swami!

Remembering Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swami today as He physically departed from this world in the year of 1979 on December 31st, hundreds of devotees poured in to pay respects at Divya Saketham, JIVA. Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swami has been great inspiration to many in various streams. Annangari Chari Swami referring to Him as ‘Satya sankalpa’ [...]

Ayurveda Doctor, Freedom fighter, Social Reformer, Vedic Scholar and many more…– Sri Pedha Jeeyar Swami!2017-12-31T10:40:30+00:00

Hassle-free entry to Vaikuntam – Mukkoti Ekadasi!

As Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami explained the story behind Mukkoti Ekadasi, hundreds of people gathered at the Divya Saketham temple north entrance to witness Lord and Ammawar beautifully seated in milky ocean, pala sasmudram. Let’s pay huge gratitude to Madhu and Kaitaba, the asuras who asked Lord a boon. The boon allows anyone who thinks [...]

Hassle-free entry to Vaikuntam – Mukkoti Ekadasi!2017-12-29T07:14:46+00:00

Read, Watch, and Ask Swamiji – All about Dhanuramasam !

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Read, Watch, and Ask Swamiji – All about Dhanuramasam !2017-12-21T06:42:05+00:00


Dhanurmasam – 2017 From the past three decades, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami has been giving invaluable discourses on Thiruppavai during every Dhanurmasam. Scholars and illiterate, old and young, male and female, are all equally amazed and attracted to those wonderful doses of divine words from Swamiji. The talks focus on enriching oneself with great qualities [...]


my test2

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Dhanurmasam – Day1 – Five questions answered:

1. Who is eligible for performingDhanuramasa Vratham? ‘A wish to enrich oneself’ is the ONLY eligibility requirement for performing ‘Dhanuramasa Vratham’. Anyone with that wish can perform the vratham and satisfy their quest. 2. How long is this vratham?What does it aim for? The duration of the vrathamis 30 days. It involves chanting 30 songs, [...]

Dhanurmasam – Day1 – Five questions answered:2017-12-19T06:24:44+00:00

Dhanurmasam – Day2 – Five questions answered

1. Why are there no special rules and eligibility requirements for this vratham? Dhanurmasa vratham is performed to help us realise the relationship with God. Godis the ever-lasting saviour.We share a natural eternal bond with God. So, if one wants to go back to our natural state with that Supreme power, we only need [...]

Dhanurmasam – Day2 – Five questions answered2018-12-08T12:03:13+00:00