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A major deficiency and its treatment!

A Deficiency is defined as: lack or shortage of something that is essential. Example: Doctors prescribe vitamin tablets to treat the condition. Mothers make sure children have balanced diet so don't become deficient of any essential nutrient. A lot of such deficiencies we know are related to the physical body. Now, what Source: JIVA Shamshabad [...]

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Those Captivating Eyes!

As Sugreeva was taking a walk on the mount of Kishkinda, he spotted two youngsters walking on the shore of river, Pampa. They were dressed like sages but looked like princes. He did not know that they were Rama and Lakshmana. He sent Hanuman (in disguise) to find out their details. Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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Yathiraja sahodari – The Beloved Sister of Ramanujacharya!

On the day of Andal Thirunakstram, priests give us an opportunity to recollect her greatness as they chant the 108 divine names (Goda Ashtottara Shatanamavali). Each name reflects her personality or characteristics or spiritual values she practised or incidents in her life which put her in TOP position for supporting us through any kind Source: [...]

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What makes God a Super Power?

We have a saying, ‘Knowledge is power’. Does God have unique knowledge levels that make Him super power? We have another saying, ‘Love conquers all’. Does God love us all to such an extent which makes Him supreme? We also hear, ‘Look for three things in a person – intelligence, energy and integrity. If Source: [...]

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