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Are you blocked everywhere? Here’s the way out!

Someone asked a Vedic scholar, “Can you chant a mantra to shed tamarind from its tree?”. One of his students overheard it and responded, “Why do you need a Vedic mantra for it? Can you not simply either wait for it to shed naturally, or use other means such as climbing Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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Oxygen is O2, Man is ?

Periodic table lists more than hundred known elements and their corresponding symbols. Among them, one of the most familiar elements is Oxygen and it is represented as O2. There are some essential attributes of the gas which make it unique. Example: A cow (natural Indian breed) is identified by its Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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Know the power of Namaha

Let’s say you worked hard and achieved something that’s truly applaudable. Do you then hear from your near and dear: ‘Good job! Now you must keep it up!😊’?. What if someone comes to you and say, “You just keep doing your work, don’t worry about what it results to. I will take care Source: JIVA [...]

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