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Antaryami (God within) or Archa murthi (God as Deity)

God is always along with us within our body. But, if you want to experience God, it is recommended that we approach the Deity form. Why? If you try to experience God within this body, all you may see is hunger, thirst, lust etc. You don’t know what antaryami looks like or how to Source: [...]

Antaryami (God within) or Archa murthi (God as Deity)2019-12-30T14:52:07+00:00

Start with 33 Seconds

Any achievement is a result of focussed work. Are you being distracted? Is your mind interested in something else than your aim? What does our ancient Vedic wisdom say about distractions and solution to overcome them? Let's first take a brief look at the working of knowledge in our minds. Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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Right Guidance for Successful Meditation

Meditation has gained huge importance over recent years in various levels. It is looked upon as a means to improve concentration, feel peaceful, and be joyful. To attain the best from it, we must check if the goal of our meditation is to bestow us with the supreme state. This is very crucial because meditation takes Source: [...]

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Doubt is a Dangerous Hurdle

Let’s say you have an important task to accomplish. It can be an exam that you are preparing for, a business venture that you are planning to launch, or learning to meditate upon God and realise Him. If you step into it with a doubt of whether you can do it or not, that Source: [...]

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Who is a Sadhu?

This is an important question we must ponder on and get the answer right. Because, sadhus form the base of a critical task, keeping all of us safe and happy. Let’s therefore try to know who these sadhus are and what exactly defines them. We can then look around to see if our neighbour, Source: [...]

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Dhanurmasam 2019

THIRUPPAVAI AARADHANA - DAY - 2 Goal of Life by Goda Devi | Dhanurmasam | Thiruppavai aradhana || Day 2 Goal of Life by Goda Devi | Dhanurmasam | Sri Swamiji Discourse THIRUPPAVAI AARADHANA - DAY - 3 Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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Source of unlimited Support

When you have the right insight into life, everything becomes a supporting agent. Example: When you look at your mother, her selfless giving attitude lets you work harder. When you look at your father, his tireless working attitude motivates you. But you must remember that the level of support and inspiration you get from Source: [...]

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Malayala Divya Desa Yatra – 3 Days, 13 Divya Desams, 500 Devotees

Swamiji gracefully concluded the 3-day Malayala Divya Desa Yatra on the 11th of December 2019. More than 500 devotees accompanied Swamiji. The tour covered 13 Divya Desams (centres of inspiration) and 2 places of divine significance (Vanamamalai and Guruvayur). Hundreds of other pilgrims expressed sheer joy in having the unexpected darsan of the Swamiji, Source: [...]

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