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Is God watching us?

Sometimes we wonder, does God really watch us? If so, why is there so much sorrow in the world? Why are there tsunamis and earth quakes? Why is God letting atheists enjoy the same state as devotees, sometimes even better physical stature? Why can't everyone enjoy the ideal beautiful eternal blissful state together? What Source: [...]

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Mind’s Logic Versus Vedic Wisdom

Very long ago, there was an American president who was travelling on the sea for a few days. He always tried to be a vegetarian when possible. He managed to eat vegetarian food for the first couple of days. Later, his mind thought of a logic stating ‘God created all beings to support one Source: [...]

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A Special Shore for the Soul

Beaches are beautiful vacation spots. Very few of them are picturesque and unbelievably scenic giving the warmth of a heaven to the body. Sometimes, no matter where you go for a vacation your heart may feel incomplete. That is when you need right vacation spot for yourself, the soul. Where are such shores for Source: [...]

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