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Maha Sudarsana Homam at Yadadri, KCR Meets Swamiji for guidance

Yadadri is a pious place hosting Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami. The temple is being renovated to allow devotees to perceive, and experience the divine fervour in a grandeur scale. Telengana CM, K Chandrashekhar Rao ji approached Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji at JIVA premises for guidance on inaugurating the new face of the temple.   Source: [...]

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Mobile Mandirs!

In the world of global mobile tenchology and networking, we are trying to do as much as possible even when we are traveling. It can be our calls and meeting with family or work. It can be watching movies or listening to music. It can be about keeping a track of our list of Source: [...]

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Consoling a Crying Cloud?

We all love rains, it’s a sign of happy nature. Children enjoy getting wet in rain. But, there is someone who feels like the rain-bearing cloud is crying. Who is that someone ? Can clouds really feel anything ? Nammalwar, whose songs are dedicated to God as part of daily chanting at temples like Source: [...]

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An Interesting Gift to God

One day, a poet wanted to offer a gift to God. He wanted to give something that God does not have. He thought for a while, and has come up with the following verse (that includes the idea for the gift). రత్నాకరో నిజగృహం, గృహిణీచ లక్ష్మీ: కిందేయమస్తి భవతే జగదీశ్వరాయ రాధా గృహీత Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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OMG – Oh, My God!

This was the expression on every face at the end of ‘Thiruvamuji’ class by Swamiji at JIVA Asram today. Why? The richness of content, the flow and choice of words that outpoured from Swamiji came out as a box full of treasure that made everyone speechless while some had tears of joy! Imagine the Source: [...]

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Guru Purnima – Vedic Wisdom in Five Levels

We celebrate Guru Purnima to express our gratitude to Veda Vyasa and the lineage of gurus. They carried the rich Vedic wisdom right into our hearts. How grateful should we all be? But, what was the situation to prior to Veda Vyasa? Has no-one learned Vedas? Prior to Veda Vyas also, there were several Source: [...]

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