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What does the Red and the White signify?

It was the day (27th June 2019) when more than a hundred young boys came together at JIVA asram for the sacred thread ceremony, (the upanayanam followed by panchasamskara – the initiation to Ashtakshari mantra). One of the young boys had a little baby sister who was sitting on her mother’s lap and wondering Source: [...]

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Badarinath, the Birth place of Real beauty!

We all appreciate beauty. But, think about this. Do we fall in love with what is beautiful, or do we find beauty in what we love? A crow finds her baby as beautiful as any of us find our babies. Therefore, like people say – beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, beauty of nature Source: [...]

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International Yoga Day at JIVA

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji is a boon to the nation. Let us all support his drive to cleanse the nation, both internally and externally. Yoga has been an integral part of JIVA (Jeeyar Integrative Vedic Academy) since its inception. The campus is structured to encompass within everyone, a sense of pride in the Source: [...]

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Meerabai’s Compositions now in Urdu

The celebrated bhakthi poet-saint of 16th century, Meerabai dedicated her life in love for Lord Krishna. Earlier, a selection of her work was translated into English. Later, two films and a documentary were made exemplifying her. Furthermore, a musical story of Meera’s life was composed. This year, Hashim Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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A Missing step in Water Cycle!?

By the time we complete class 10, we would study about ‘Water Cycle’. The cycle talks about how ocean water evaporates, condenses and then precipitates. Sun is essential for evaporating the water. The evaporated water condenses to form rain bearing clouds. These clouds send the water back to the ground in the form of Source: [...]

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The Sataari and its Significance

Our every visit to temple concludes with three important activities,receiving theerdam (divine water or other forms of fluid that was utilized in the service of the presiding Deity), Sataari and prasadam (all offerings submitted to God as an act of devotion to the presiding Deity). What about sataari? There is Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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Stone versus Deity – A must read!

If God exists everywhere including in a stone, why do we pray only to a Deity in temples? Every year lakhs of people visit temples such as Ranganatha temple in Sri Rangam, or Balaji temple in Tirupati, or Divya Saketham in Hyderabad or other temples with an intention to see God. There are also Source: [...]

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Lakshman’s success with Indrajith, the secret revealed!

It was the third day in the fight between Lakshman (brother of Rama) and Indrajith (son of Ravana). Lakshman tried to defeat Indrajith using different types of weaponry. All his efforts were futile. He then closed his eyes and chanted the following: ధర్మాత్మా సత్యసంధస్చ రామో దాశరథిర్యది పౌరుషేచా ప్రతిద్వంద్వ: శరైనమ్ జహి Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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