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This 13th May – Mantra Initiation (Sama:srayanam) by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami !

Every year, hundreds of people approach Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji for getting initiated into Vyshnava Deeksha, an oath to be a Vaishnava! It is also called sama:srayanam or pancha samskaram. This initiation is the first step for being qualified to serve God. What does it mean to be qualified in this divine endeavour? Why Source: [...]

This 13th May – Mantra Initiation (Sama:srayanam) by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami !2019-04-30T08:31:55+00:00

Know how Kalyanam alleviates us from Karma

Air is all pervading, we couldn’t feel it, but when we want to, we would probably switch the fan on or do something, so  we could feel it. In the similar sense, God cannot be seen. And for Him to be seen or felt, He can be perceived in 4 different forms Bhagavad Source: JIVA [...]

Know how Kalyanam alleviates us from Karma2019-04-28T15:56:14+00:00

Ramanujacharya’s 1003rd Thirunakstram at Mandasa

Acharyas initiate all the followers of Vedic tradition with Srimannarayana Ashtakshari Mahamantra. This is also referred to as Thirumantram, Mantrarajam or Mantrabrahmam. This mantra has the power bestow a seeker with the abilities required to achieve any results he desires. The famous Indian musician and composer (vaggeyakara) Annamayya said in one of his songs, Source: [...]

Ramanujacharya’s 1003rd Thirunakstram at Mandasa2019-04-27T06:48:47+00:00

True knowledge must live Long

Today marks the beginning of 94th year since the birth of Mahamaho:pa:dhya:ya (the teacher of all teachers), Kavishabdika Kesari (the lion of literature), Keerthi murthulu (revered popular figure) Sri N.C. Raghunatha Chari Garu. We have gathered here to celebrate this day even without His physical presence. Why? Sri Raghunatha Chari Garu stood guard Source: JIVA [...]

True knowledge must live Long2019-04-25T09:39:32+00:00

What Vedas say about Safeguarding our One and Only one

We all tend to plan, and in the process of planning we tend to have a plan B if one doesn’t work out. So do we have a planet B if our current home is giving up on us? Not quite. As a resident of this planet, it’s the duty of each of us Source: [...]

What Vedas say about Safeguarding our One and Only one2019-04-24T13:03:16+00:00

Earth Day, Ask Yourself: Need or Greed!?

What is basic difference between Need and Greed? Well, Need is anything that saves one from dire consequences. While one can define Greed as clasping on to the things beyond one’s basic needs. Humanity stands tall as an example of Greed. Times have gone past, Mother earth has witnessed it all, borne it all. Source: [...]

Earth Day, Ask Yourself: Need or Greed!?2019-04-24T13:03:16+00:00