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Vighna Niva:rana Chathurtthi

Pu:ja, an act of worship is only meaningful when it sanctifies the heart of a person, devoid of all bad qualities and capable of implementing purposeful deeds. It is only then a person can be of benefit to himself and to the society he is part of. Today, Vighna Nivarana Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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What does it mean to be Human?

The question sounds very basic. But, let’s take a few minutes to examine. These few minutes can keep you away from many dangers! We will begin with ozone layer depletion and how humanity relates to it. Ozone layer has depleted to a level that a continent as big as Australia can fit through the Source: [...]

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Bharath Maata ki Jai

For this 74th Independence Day anniversary, not only our country of Bharath is rejoicing, but those around the world are taking part as well. Western countries like the U.S. are displaying their support for Bharath nicely.  We see the displays of Independence Day celebrations in New York City.  As a first-time event in the Source: [...]

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A Soothing Sign from Sri Rangam

“So beautiful…. Lord came out at last. Probably things may calm down” — words of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji (swamiji reacts to the glory of Namperumal in Sri Rangam's Brahmotsavam event and hopes that Lord's arrival out of the temple to grace us is a positive sign for a better atmosphere in the world)   Source: [...]

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Restore Your Core

An 84-year-old lady visited Swamiji with her grandson and said, “I haven’t been able to visit you often these days because my mother needs me. My mother can do most of her work by herself, but I stay around to support her in some areas.” Swamiji responded, “That’s okay. How Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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Divinely Diligent, Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swami

When great souls appear on Earth, they do so for our own well-being. We celebrate these days as their appearance, their avatar days, as opposed to simply “birthdays”.  People like us came to this planet with Karma. The great souls came to heal our defects, our flaws, with the ultimate mission of reuniting us Source: [...]

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