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A king had 7 days left to live, what did he do?

In this digital age, we receive tonnes of information via various social media platforms. Most information includes suggestions, guidance, jokes, and stories pertaining to the current day to help people deal with challenging situations. Our ancient history recorded the most important questions and their answer which are forever useful to Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister visits Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Sri Shivraj Singh Chouhan visited Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji in the evening hours on the 25th of Jan. He and his family stayed overnight at the JIVA asram for morning darsan and blessings from Swamiji. It is a good sign that leaders like Sri Shivraj Singh Chouhan are utilizing opportunities Source: [...]

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The Ultimate Vehicle

Most people own one or more vehicles these days. Let’s say you take a joy ride in your vehicle, and fill petrol to support its proper function before the next ride. The cycle repeats – take a joy ride, fill petrol in the vehicle, etc. The purpose of a vehicle is to help the Source: [...]

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The Five Fires

When a father sees the traits of his late mother in his daughter, he feels happy that his mother is reborn as his daughter. It could be true. Modern science asserts the genes pass from one generation to the next to show resemblance. Vedic scriptures go beyond genetics to describe a five-phased journey of Source: [...]

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Sri Srinivasa Nitya Kalyanotsavam in Vijayakiladri

Dear Devotees, Kalou Venkatanayaka, our savior in this kaliyuga, is looking out for all of us in Vijayakiladri Kshetra on the banks of river Krishna. With the blessings of our Acharya HH HH Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Sri Srinivasa Nitya Kalyanotsavam. You can use this great opportunity, to celebrate your special occasions [...]

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The Three Paths

A friend was talking a great deal about soul going through one of the three possible paths after current life. She heard it in ‘Pearls from Bha:gavatam’, a weekly live discourse from Swamiji. I said, “Why worry about what happens after current life? I am happy with myself, family, work, Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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Why is Earth called Prithvi?

It is said, “Experience is a master teacher, even when it’s not your own”. As documented by our Vedic historians, there was a king named Pruthu. He was a pious, knowledgeable and a brave king. His wisdom hails from his guru, Sanath Kumara Swami. However, Earth was not cooperating with Source: JIVA Shamshabad News

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