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Life, Love and Lord

Children love playing, teens love music, adults enjoy sharing fun times with loved ones. There are other activities that people are fond of. But, at what point in life does one fall in love with the Lord?   When you are equipped with the right knowledge about Lord [His whereabouts, His qualities, His form, His Source: [...]

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Act of Compassion

Over 2 lakh people died and more than 30 lakh people are suffering due to Covid-19 across the world today. What did our rushis say about such periodic large scale suffering and deaths? It is said that srusti (creation), sthithi (sustenance), and laya (dissolution) are all acts of God’s compassion. But, how can we consider such massive suffering an Source: [...]

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Want to Solve a Riddle?

An interesting and important “riddle” in these unprecedented times. Want to try solving it? “If you feed me right things, I will become your best friend. If you feed me wrong things, I will become your worst enemy. But, whatever you feed me, I will always be with you even when you are fast Source: [...]

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Beware of Fake Messages on Social Media

This is to bring to your notice that some people are spreading false information as if given by HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar swamiji. Please do not follow those messages and also inform us with sender details immediately on our official email, so that appropriate action will be taken against them.For any information from Sri [...]

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Anjali Mudra

Anjali mudra is not merely a way to greet someone. Anjali mudra is a gesture that serves two key aspects. The first aspect reflects knowledge of the self and supreme: that the same God who is within the self who is keeping him/her alive is also outside the self to support his/her existence. This Source: [...]

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New Year Wishes to Tamil Nadu, Few North Indian States and Nepal

Jai Srimannarayana, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji wishes our dear Tamilians, people of few North Indian states and people of Nepal a very Happy New Year. Sri Sudarshan Swami, a Yajurved scholar who has been serving Swamiji for many years is from Tamil Nadu. Sriman Krishnamacharya, a renowned scholar and a great devotee has been serving [...]

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Strike When the Iron is Hot

The nation is currently in lockdown mode to prevent the spread of corona virus. Honourable Prime Minister and the respective Chief Ministers folded their hands and pleaded every citizen to not violate social distancing rules. They also warned everyone that police will punish those who violate the rules of lockdown. The pleading, Source: JIVA Shamshabad [...]

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